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Do you have the right tools to manage during a continuing pandemic? And are you nimble enough to dance to the tune for as long as the music plays?

Until we get passed the worst of the current pandemic waves, making smart decisions under the circumstances can make the difference between whether your business just survives, or thrives.

Setting the World Stage

When it comes to shipping, the fluctuations in the costs of moving your products can be directly tied to how large beneficial cargo owners (BCOs), negotiate their import shipping rates.

When these mega-businesses, like Walmart, Target, Best Buy etc, decide to accept higher freight rate contracts, which they recently have, the trickle-down of these decisions ultimately affects small and medium size businesses.

In fact, the latest 2021 rates for BCOs’ contracts with carriers contain freight rates that are essentially double the rates they negotiated for last year.

Along with labour shortages and an increased demand for shipping in general, this means things are changing, and will continue to change.

Therefor it’s even more crucial to get help with supply chain management from the experts. An experienced 3PL provider will act as an extension of your business to optimize your supply chain, handle the ins-and-outs of your daily shipments, and react accordingly as the fluid landscape of shipping continues to change.

5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Logistics to a 3PL Partner During Covid-19

1. Stop Stressing on Shipping Details and Focus on Top Level Business Decisions

Have you calculated how much time you’re spending on supply chain related issues? If so, is it a significant number?

Outsourcing to a 3PL can give you that time back to focus on what you do best, which should be running your business efficiently by focusing on critical decisions.

As many businesses need to pivot at a moment’s notice during this pandemic, these important decisions must be made more frequently.

Therefor, the more time you can spend collaborating, strategizing, and forecasting, the more you can ensure your business stays operating efficiently and profitably.

2. Keep Operations Running, No Matter What

Because of their responsibility to ensure consistent flow of goods such as medical supplies and food products, 3PL’s are deemed an essential service.

At Brimich, we have quickly and successfully adapted to ensure the health and safety of our team and the continuity of your supply chain.

If your office must close due to Covid-19 regulations or outbreaks, we are here as your dependable transportation partner to ensure that your show goes on.

With daily service tracking reports on all shipments, you always have full visibility on your supply chain through our Client Portal. This ensures efficient operations and provides you with the data you need to make critical business decisions.

3. Leverage Tailor-Made Plans Based On Supply Chain Feedback

Experienced Third Party Logistics partners will employ a team of industry experts in all facets of transportation.

For your business, a sales representative will conduct a supply chain audit, consult with industry experts, and put together a fully customized 360-degree plan to move your freight.

A savvy 3PL provider also keeps a pulse on industry news and updates. This is the very nature of their business; to know what’s happening at every level of the industry.

The benefit to you comes in immediate information about supply chain challenges, plus you’re provided with options and alternatives to keep things moving.

With network capacity issues and soaring freight costs during the pandemic, a good team will be dedicated to finding the most optimal way to transport your goods.

4. Scale Your Business Up or Down as Needed

Has Covid-19 allowed your business to reach to new heights? If you’re one of the businesses that has seen good growth this may mean you’re scrambling to figure out how to handle an excess of shipments.

Your best choice of a 3PL partner may have their own assets in terms of transportation vehicles but more importantly, they will have partnerships with a host of vetted transport providers to ensure continuity in your supply chain.

This means you’re not constrained by any volume of freight and have access to a  massive network of vehicles to choose from. Whether you ship 2 orders or 2000 orders a week, a flexible Third Party Logistics provider, such as Brimich, can handle all your supply chain requirements and react with agility to your changing business’ shipping requirements.

5. The Bottom Line: Keep Your Customers Happy

It’s this simple: when your shipments arrive on time and as advertised, your customers are happy.

Happy customers translate to repeat business, word of mouth recommendations, referrals, and an enhanced brand image.

Ultimately, this means more profit for you and your organization. Outsourcing to a qualified 3PL means your shipments will get where they need to be, on time, in good condition, and on budget.