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In today’s culture, consumers are increasingly conscious of what goes into their food and where it comes from. From suppliers to consumers, ensuring high standards of food safety is not just a priority, but a necessity at Brimich Logistics Inc. In the food industry, trust and safety are paramount.

Brimich Logistics Inc. proudly announces its second consecutive year of achieving a perfect 100% SQF audit score at our Martin Grove facility in the GTA.

Amidst the modern consumer landscape, the Safe Quality Food (SQF) certification stands out as a beacon of excellence when handling food products. Dedication to high standards and outstanding SQF walk-through scores signals a commitment to uncompromising food quality and safety in Brimich facilities.

Brimich has a dedicated SQF Select warehouse and is one of the first in North America to receive this certification. The Food Safety team is currently working toward this accreditation in all our Brimich facilities.

The entire team at Brimich has a shared commitment toward excellence and continuous improvement. Success in audits and scores belongs to each Brimich team member, with the Food Safety team having a heavy hand in providing SOP’s, improvements and data to all internal teams, helping us to keep high food safety standards in our day-to-day operations. Let’s take a moment to introduce the Brimich Food Safety team:

Rick Watson Vice President : Food Safety and Compliance
Pooja Patel Food Safety and QA Manager
Patrice Campbell SQF Practitioner
Brenda MathersNCR Coordinator
Natalie Hopkins NCR/QA Coordinator
Kennedy Amore   Food Safety/QA Summer Student

The Significance of SQF at Brimich Logistics Inc.

In 2017, Brimich made a strategic shift towards specializing in food, food ingredients and food packaging across its operations. This decision marked a pivotal moment in the company’s direction, aligning business focuses and partnerships with critical sectors of the supply chain – stringent food quality and safety standards.

By 2018, Brimich achieved a significant milestone – the success of an SQF Certification at one of its many facilities, specifically at Abbott Court, a 100,000 square foot warehouse in Brantford, ON.

Since then, Brimich has made impressive strides in enhancing its operational capabilities and expanding its footprint in the Food Logistics industry. As of today, Brimich proudly holds four SQF programs across six certified locations, encompassing a staggering 1.4 million square feet of multi-temperature warehousing space in the GTA and Brantford.Brimich’s Kramer’s Way campus in Brantford is notably an SQF standout, spanning 540,000 square feet and offering itself as one of North America’s first SQF Select sites. This designation imposes strict requirements, mandating a constant and continuous state of audit readiness. This proactive approach not only reflects Brimich’s dedication to operational excellence, but also reinforces its reputation as a leader in the food logistics sector.

Further validating a commitment to excellent safety standards, the Martin Grove facility in Toronto, covering 370,000 square feet, recently achieved a remarkable milestone: a second consecutive year of receiving a 100% SQF Audit score during its re-certification audit. This performance underscores the robust quality management practices and unwavering adherence to strict food safety protocols and standards.

These achievements highlight Brimich’s evolution into being a trusted partner in the food industries supply chain. By continually investing in creating and maintaining impeccable standards, Brimich not only meets but exceeds strict requirements and standards demanded by today’s consumers and suppliers.

What is an SQF Certification and Why Does It Matter?

The SQF Certification is a rigorous and internationally recognized food safety management system that ensures product meets the highest standards for safety and quality throughout the entire supply chain.

Developed by the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI), this certification provides a systematic approach to managing food safety risks, beginning at raw commodities through final distribution and covering all facets in between.

SQF is something that we are very prideful of at Brimich, but SQF is so much more than just a badge of honour. It’s a highly strategic investment in reputation and trust.
Here’s why:
Consumer Confidence: In an age where food safety scares can spread quickly and across vast markets, consumers are increasingly wary of the source of their food. SQF assures consumers that product meets high and stringent safety and quality standards. This creates a circle of trust and confidence between consumers and businesses.

Market Access: With globalization comes increased competition and regulatory scrutiny. Many retailers and food providers require this certification to ensure the safety and quality of the products being handled. By obtaining the SQF certification you are able to open doors to new markets and business opportunities

Risk Mitigation: The consequences of a food safety incident can be devastating in many ways. In terms of human health and financial repercussions, SQF is a sure safeguard. It helps mitigate risks by implementing robust management systems that identify, prevent and address potential hazards before they escalate.

Continuous Improvement: The SQF certification process is not a one-time achievement; it’s a commitment to ongoing improvement and excellence. By adhering to SQF standards, companies are continuously evaluating and enhancing their processes. This drives efficiency and ensures high levels of safety and quality.

Human Health and End Consumer Safety: SQF certification plays a crucial role in safeguarding human health by ensuring safety and quality standards. Overall, it helps consumers and partners along the supply-chain enhance regulatory compliance, reduce waste, improve consumer trust, and reduce risk of contaminants, which promotes the overall efficiency and safety of food in the food supply chain

In today’s interconnected world, the need for stringent food safety standards has never been more critical. SQF certifications meet these demands but furthermore, it exceeds them, setting a benchmark for excellence in the food industry.

At Brimich, we recognize the importance of this certification. We have made it our mission to attain and maintain SQF certifications among all our facilities because this is a direct representation of the pride we put into our work, standards and safety at Brimich.

“I’m extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished and feel privileged to have been a part of creating and implementing the SQF programs at Brimich Logistics Inc. Great job team!” Rick Watson – Vice President, Food Safety and Compliance