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In a logistics industry that’s constantly evolving, how do pick and pack services remain an integral part of serving both businesses and end-user customers?

Small and medium-sized businesses all aim to be successful, but with new success and technologies come new problems. How do you ensure that your product is packaged accurately for delivery?

As we know, the fulfilment process is very sensitive, and the smallest mistake in packing or labeling can result in an item not being included, breaking or not reaching its proper destination. This is where modernized pick and pack services come to your aid.

The Obvious Question: What is a Pick and Pack Service?

The pick and pack service is simple in principle – products are picked then appropriately packed, yet it is a crucial step in the order fulfilment process. The first steep is collecting (picking) all products from their respective warehouse locations for a customer’s order. The next step is properly packing these items for shipping to the customer.

The underlying critical factors that influence the success of the process are speed, skill and accuracy. Inefficiency in any one of these areas will degrade customer experience down the line. For instance, if an order arrives damaged, late, or contains the wrong items, your customers are less willing to do business with or recommend you again.

In other words, through pick, pack and ship services, sold items are picked, packed safely and shipped with the correct shipping label and invoice.

The Pick and Pack Fulfilment Service at Work

The moment a customers’ order enters the system the picking process begins. Depending on the type of order, products are picked by the piece, in batches or in waves. With the help of an advanced warehouse management system (WMS), inventory counts are optimized resulting in efficient picking and faster product flows between storage and dispatch.

While modern technology certainly helps mitigate the chance of human error, manual quality control checks for quantity and quality are still used top monitor overall fulfilment accuracy.

Types of Picking

The picking process itself can be broken down into four main types:

  • Piece or discrete picking –  As an or comes in, a picker handpicks each product to assemble a complete order.
  • Batch or cluster picking – Similar to piece picking with exception that multiple orders are done all at once instead of one at a time.
  • Zone picking – Items are often warehoused as similar types or in zones. Employees within these specific areas pick one order at a time within that area.
  • Wave picking – A combination of both batch and zone picking. Employees stay within a given zone and pick more than one order at a time.

Specifics of Packing

Efficient packing starts with placing the ordered items into a suitably sized box. The box is then lined with packing materials to ensure the products reach their final destination in one piece.

Furthermore, packing should keep an order within the smallest number of boxes on the whole and make use of the most suitable type of packing material(s) for each product.

Maximizing these packing specifics results in reduced shipping costs, order accuracy, and a more cost-effective shipping process.

An ideal warehouse will be able to turn around orders quickly with a high rate of accuracy. Using better levels of quality control, the shipping process runs smoother and helps foster a high level customer satisfaction.

Pick And Pack Features And Benefits

Using a pick and pack service offloads an entire system from your business which in turn, allows you to concentrate on growth and further opportunities.

In other words, trusting a picking and packing fulfilment partner ensures better levels of customer care without the distractions of maintaining an in-house fulfillment process.

Features of a good picking service include:

  • Multiple, strategically placed locations
  • Use of a state-of-the-art warehouse management technology
  • The ability to manage discrete, batch, cluster, wave and zone order picking capabilities
  • Integration with popular ecommerce platforms and shopping carts
  • Capability to warehouse, pick and pack a wide range of products
  • Customizable srevices to suit individual client needs

Benefits of integrating with a pick and pack service include:

  • Cost improvements throughout your supply chain
  • Improved order-to-cash cycle time
  • Scalability
  • Increased supply chain responsiveness and adaptability
  • Access to specialized warehouse process technology, equipment, and expertise

There is an Order Fulfillment Opportunity For Every Business

From large B2B operations to small entrepreneurs, a business that involves customer order-fulfillment can leverage the experience of picking and packing services without having to invest in warehouse facilities and equipment.

According to a recent market report, the pick and pack services industry, with the aid of automation, is set to reach over $106 billion by 2029.

Outsourcing these warehousing services to an experienced logistics partner also allows you to scale your inventory up or down as necessary.

pick and pack servicesTypes of businesses that utilize pick and pack:

  • Wholesalers and distributors
  • Entrepreneurs and Ecommerce merchants
  • National retailers that require centralized distribution
  • Omnichannel retailers
  • B2B and B2C suppliers
  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) suppliers and retailers
  • Parts and equipment service providers

Pick And Pack Warehouse Services Help Create a Complete Fulfillment Solution

With over 50 years experience in the supply chain industry, Brimich offers picking and packing as an integral part of the industries we serve: food and beverage, agricultural and chemical, retail and wholesale. With our state-of-the-art facilities located in Brantford and Etobicoke, we have the expertise, skills, and the technology to handle your businesses pick and pack strategy.

Whether your business is simple or complex, Brimich Logistics & Packaging offers a complete 3PL service portfolio that fits your needs. All you have to focus on is ensuring that the orders keep coming and your business continues to grow.