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In the bustling landscape of global commerce, where goods traverse continents and consumer demands reach unprecedented heights, the efficacy of supply chain logistics becomes paramount. Amidst this complexity, one aspect stands out as a cornerstone of modern trade: Cold Chain Storage and Logistics.

In the realm of modern logistics, this promising solution is gaining traction worldwide. Here in North America at our Brimich Logistics Inc. facilities, this innovative approach is being implemented. As one of the first facilities in North America to adopt this system, we are proud to say it has helped to align with the growing emphasis on sustainability in our supply chain practices.

Industry Snapshot

From perishable foods to life-saving pharmaceuticals, maintaining precise temperature control throughout the supply chain is not just a preference; it’s a necessity. There are two dominating factors causing food waste in the Logistics and Supply Chain industry:

  1. A lack of high-quality reliable Cold Storage temperature control
  2. Inefficient handovers causing unforeseen breaks within the supply chain.

Brimich Logistics Inc. is dedicated to offering dynamic customizable solutions for clients, so that we can each strive in this area.

Brimich Logistics Inc.

Among early adopters of these CO2 systems is Brimich. Our very first Cold Storage CO2 facility was opened at 470 Hardy Road in Brantford Ontario in 2021. This adaptive strategy has become one of the most crucial value-added services for clients’ dynamic and ever-changing needs. To date, a portfolio of core high-profile clients are uniquely serviced at our 130,000 square foot CO2 Cold Storage facility in the Oak Park industrial area in Brantford, Ontario.

This initiative has lasting impacts on the client’s bottom line, efficiency within the Cold Storage supply chain and environmental benefits. Ultimately this service offering directly improves company bottom-lines and the quality of product the end consumer receives. Proper temperature control is vital for keeping frozen foods fresh as approximately 13% of all globally produced food is lost each year due to poor supply chain processes.

At Brimich, we strive to continuously adapt to this dynamic and vast industry. Our goal is to remain impactful and innovative in an industry where the end-consumer expectations of quality, time and offerings is ever-changing and deeply dynamic. Our passion is to focus on solutions that increase the durability of the supply chain processes our clients experience, while standing with integrity throughout the entire process.

Market Size: A Growing Giant

The Cold Chain Logistics market has been on a steady rise, propelled by the increasing demand for perishable goods worldwide. According to recent studies, the global Cold Chain market size was estimated to be over $200 billion in 2021 and is projected to continue its upward trajectory.

By 2030 the market is expected to be valued at $782.27 billion. Factors such as globalization, urbanization, and changing dietary preferences contribute to this expansion.

The Crucial Role of CO2 Cold Chain Storage

The Nature of Cold Storage

Within the realm of Cold Chain Logistics, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) as a refrigerant has re-emerged as a key player, revolutionizing the way perishable goods are stored and transported. Unlike traditional refrigerants such as Freon, CO2 offers several environmental and operational advantages. Its non-toxic and non-flammable nature makes it safer for both workers and the environment.

The importance of CO2 Cold Chain Storage extends beyond its environmental benefits. Its high cooling capacity and efficiency ensure precise temperature control, critical for preserving the quality and safety of perishable goods.

What Is A Logistics Network?Moreover, CO2-based refrigeration systems are increasingly recognized for their reliability and cost-effectiveness. As businesses strive to optimize their operations and reduce operational costs, CO2 Cold Chain solutions offer a compelling proposition – combining performance with sustainability.

Using CO2 as a refrigerant is like recycling or delaying emissions. This is because CO2 is an industrial by-product emitted from factories. By using CO2 resources captured from this process, CO2 gas mimics environmental recycling processes.

Leading Regions in the Industry

While the demand for Cold Chain Logistics is ubiquitous, certain regions have emerged as leaders in driving innovation and adoption within the industry:

  • North America: With a well-established infrastructure and stringent regulatory standards, North America boasts a mature Cold Chain Logistics market. The region’s advanced technology adoption and emphasis on food safety have propelled the growth of Cold Chain solutions, including CO2-based refrigeration systems.
  • Europe: Europe stands at the forefront of sustainability initiatives, driving the adoption of eco-friendly Cold Chain practices. Countries like Germany and the Netherlands are renowned for their advanced logistics infrastructure and commitment to reducing carbon emissions. CO2 refrigeration technologies are gaining traction across Europe, supported by government incentives and regulations promoting environmental sustainability.
  • Asia-Pacific: Rapid urbanization and changing consumer lifestyles in Asia-Pacific have fueled the demand for Cold Chain Logistics, particularly in emerging markets like China and India. As these economies continue to grow, the need for efficient and sustainable Cold Chain solutions becomes more pronounced. CO2 refrigeration systems offer a promising solution to meet this demand while addressing environmental concerns.

A Promise From Us

Not all logistics problems have the same solutions, which is why we work alongside clients to build a unique customized solution. With Brimich, all your CO2 Cold Chain needs will be met with a reliable representative who can combine local presence and global reach. We strive to bring simplicity and predictability, while also reducing risk and administrative workloads on your business.

We create solutions that are governed by a strong commitment to helping your supply chain performance and efforts towards carbon neutrality!