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Before shipping your products, you will need to choose the right type of shipping container. Doing so will ultimately save on shipping costs.

Choosing the right type of shipping container also ensures that your products will get to you safely. Here are the most common types of shipping containers you can find—reviewing these carefully will assist you in the process of choosing the right type of shipping container:

  1. Dry Storage Containers: The most common type of container, especially in 20’ and 40’ sizes. They are used to transport dry goods.
  2. Flat Rack Containers: Used for transporting oversized items. They usually have collapsible sides without walls.
  3. Open-Top Containers: These have a removable top, and are used for transporting over-height products.
  4. Tunnel Shipping Containers: These have doors on both ends of the container, which makes loading and offloading easy and quick.
  5. Open-Side Storage Containers: These open up on the sides, not the ends. They make loading easy, especially for wide items.
  6. Refrigerated Containers: These preserve perishable goods for travel, like fruits, seafood, and flowers.
  7. Insulated /Thermal Containers: These have temperature-control features to transport products that need to be kept warm for the duration of the shipping process.
  8. Half-Height Containers: As their name indicates, these are half the height of normal containers. They are ideal for transporting heavy but low-volume cargo. They can be used on trucks to transport sand and gravel.
  9. Car Carriers: These are specially made to transport cars, to ensure their safety.

Other types of containers include tanks, refrigerated containers, drums, and swap bodies.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Type Of Shipping Container

Here are some of the factors to have in mind when choosing the right type of shipping container for your business:

  • What sizes do shipping containers come in? Shipping containers come in different sizes suitable for different products. The most common sizes of shipping containers are 10’, 20’, and 40’; the last two sizes are the most commonly used because they make transportation easy.
  • What is the cargo? While choosing the right type of shipping container, you need to consider the cargo that you are shipping or hauling. Some cargo is extremely heavy; other cargo is simple to load and unload. Special cargo, like perishable products, will require refrigerated containers. Oil, petroleum products, and other liquids require tanks. There are also custom-made containers for any sort of special cargo that you might have.
  • How much do shipping containers cost? There are various factors that go into determining the cost of a shipping container; size is one of them. The age and the condition of the container is important, too. If it is old and beaten up, it should cost you much less than if it is in pristine condition. On average, a 20’ container can cost anywhere between $1,400 and $2,500, while a 40’ container can cost between $3,500 and $4,500.