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Joining a host of forward-thinking carriers, a recent article on the official Government of Canada website shares insight into the heart of what makes Brimich tick!

Partners Moving Towards Sustainability

Through intelligent observation and leveraged opportunity through Canada’s SmartWay program, Brimich has positioned itself to take full advantage of the future.

In the article Rick Fergus, VP of Sales and Operations, states:

“Becoming a more environmentally responsible transportation logistics company is an advantage we want to leverage—for ourselves, our customers and our environment. Being a SmartWay partner holds our company accountable, prompting us to live up to our commitment to environmental sustainability.”

Values, Vision, and Excellent Leadership.

The article goes on to explain some of the extraordinary details that go into running a lean, efficient, and environmentally conscious logistics business.

Getting Smarter

From the article:

– Brimich Logistics uses its SmartWay partnership as a logistics provider not only to choose from the most environmentally responsible carriers, but also to improve the fuel efficiency of its emerging transportation division.

– As a third-party logistics provider, the company takes advantage of the SmartWay portal to identify and hire carriers that are also program partners. Brimich also uses the SmartWay newsletter to stay up to date about the latest advances in transportation sustainability. As an added bonus, Brimich considers being a SmartWay partner as a further means—along with Safe Quality Food certification—of standardizing and improving key aspects of its operations.

For more insight into what makes smarter partnerships, read the full article on the Government of Canada website here: SmartWay Partner Profiles